Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems
Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems

Best Buddies Home Dog Training treat all dog behaviour problems including, jumping, nuisance barking, aggression, nervousness, phobias and fears, destruction, mouthing, chewing, separation anxiety, recall, pulling, lunging, door scratching, toilet training, car travel and sickness, food issues, hyperactivity, chasing, sibling rivalry, fighting,

begging, stealing digging and MORE! Any Age, Any Breed.                                                                                                                                        


Best Buddies are your local Dog Obedience and Behaviourist Trainers. We come to you because we find the results are more effective than dog classes or residential dog training. Dog training in these regions: East Midlands, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, East England, Central England. North England, Bolton, Cheshire, Lancashire

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Dog Barking

A dog that barks at its owner is a dog that is challenging your leadership. A dog that barks at normal activity near your property e.g. the postman, rubbish collection, passers by, birds etc  is nuisance barking.


Dog Aggression

A dog that growls is issuing a warning that it may bite. Dog aggression is a serious problem and must be addressed immediately by a dog behaviour expert.


Separation anxiety

A dog that whines, is destructive and scratches the door when left needs help. Your dog should not constantly follow you to every room in the house.



Always ensure your dog is adequately and appropriately fed and exercised. Destruction can also be caused by illness, boredom and separation anxiety.


Dog House Training, toilet training

There are a number of reasons why dogs’ toilet inappropriately in the house:

Not properly trained & never taught to go outside; not used to being in the house; illness or age incontinence; change in food, household routine or walking routine; not able to get outside or is ignored; nowhere else to go – cannot go in garden; submissive; territory marking – insecure or dominant; stress in the household; separation anxiety when left alone; attention seeking


Dogs & the garden

Always ensure your garden is securely fenced and gated at the correct height for the size of your dog. Never leave your dog unattended at the front of your property. Check that your plants are dog friendly.


Using a Dog Crate or Indoor Kennel


Choosing a puppy


Dog and puppy health


Diet and Feeding your puppy or dog

Not sure what to do with your new puppy or dog?

Want to learn more than just class  based obedience?

Having problems settling in your rescued dog?

If you are experiencing any dog behaviour problems and want to change things for the better, Best Buddies Home Dog Training are here to help.