Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems
Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems

Best Buddies Home Dog Training treat all dog behaviour problems including, jumping, nuisance barking, aggression, nervousness, phobias and fears, destruction, mouthing, chewing, separation anxiety, recall, pulling, lunging, door scratching, toilet training, car travel and sickness, food issues, hyperactivity, chasing, sibling rivalry, fighting,

begging, stealing digging and MORE! Any Age, Any Breed.                                                                                                                                        


Best Buddies are your local Dog Obedience and Behaviourist Trainers. We come to you because we find the results are more effective than dog classes or residential dog training. Dog training in these regions: East Midlands, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, East England, Central England. North England, Bolton, Cheshire, Lancashire

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 “I was really happy with the service and felt really confident in the trainer . You knew that she knew exactly what she was doing and the results were instantaneous.The after care was excellent, felt really supported.”

L. Lumley Leicester 2010


“After Adopting a lively, playful and huge 7 mth old Akita from a local rescue centre, I quickly realised I needed some professional help and advise on training her. It became clear she hadn't had any training in the past as she had a lot of behavioural problems such as, Nipping, Aggression towards other dogs, Jumping up at visitors, leaping at our pet cockatiels cage, not coming to me when calling her and Pulling on the lead (Taking me for a walk)

Being a natural sceptic, I was unsure whether a dog behaviourist could actually help cure her of any or all of these problems, but after speaking with Sonia on the phone I felt really comfortable in asking for her help with these issues. In hindsight my only regret is not contacting her earlier.


After only one visit, most of these problems had been solved or improved greatly and later that day Sonia even e-mailed me some additional training tips, since then as I have continued with home training, Sonia has always been available to offer advice, providing some great information on everything from what’s the best diet for my type of dog to what plants to avoid having in the garden.


In only a few weeks I have gone from owning an out of control, badly behaved mutt to having a well behaved and a much happier dog who is now a pleasure to own.


Not only does Sonia really know what she is talking about but her rates are very reasonable whilst still providing a very high quality and convenient home visiting service. In my and my dogs experience using Sonia has been worth every single penny and we can’t recommend her highly enough.”    

Steve N. Derbyshire 2010