Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems
Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems

Best Buddies Home Dog Training treat all dog behaviour problems including, jumping, nuisance barking, aggression, nervousness, phobias and fears, destruction, mouthing, chewing, separation anxiety, recall, pulling, lunging, door scratching, toilet training, car travel and sickness, food issues, hyperactivity, chasing, sibling rivalry, fighting,

begging, stealing digging and MORE! Any Age, Any Breed.                                                                                                                                        


Best Buddies are your local Dog Obedience and Behaviourist Trainers. We come to you because we find the results are more effective than dog classes or residential dog training. Dog training in these regions: East Midlands, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, East England, Central England. North England, Bolton, Cheshire, Lancashire

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         “We got our staffy, Piggle, from a rescue centre so we weren't sure of her history.  She is a gorgeous little girl apart from not liking our cat.  She would jump onto work tops to try and catch him and at one stage she had him pinned on the floor, trying to dominate him.  We didn't want to have to send her back to the rescue centre but it seemed the only option.  The rescue centre recommended Sonia.  After a telephone consultation, Sonia came out to our home, at a time convenient to ourselves and showed us ways to control Piggle and her behaviour towards the cat.  The results were instantaneous and now, two weeks later Piggle is a different dog, showing little interest in our cat.  The control methods are very simple to follow. Sonia also gave us invaluable advice on Piggle's behaviour towards us and her diet.  I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who has behavioural problems with their dog. Many thanks Sonia.”

Sharon Taylor and Martin Bates, 2010  


          “We re-homed Pearl, our two year old border collie in April of this year through the Just For Dog’s re-homing charity. We were her third owners and so understandably it took Pearl a while to settle and trust us.

Originally she’d been intended as a breeding dog, however her previous owners realised this wasn’t possible due to her temperament, which was incredibly nervous to say the least. For example, she’d bolt and hide if anyone came to the door.

Over time she settled well, however as her confidence grew so did her aggression, growling at my husband and anyone who came to the door (not acceptable behaviour!).

We went to the ‘Just For Dog’s’ charity show where Sonia was giving 1:1 advice for a donation of a £1 to the charity. It was the best £1 we ever spent! From there we went on to book a home dog training session with Sonia whose fee was reasonable and comparative to the group dog training sessions that we’d already looked into.

The training and advice we received has been fantastic. Sonia has many qualities, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but she is kind, caring and passionate about her job too.

She helped us to understand Pearl’s personality and how to care for her. Without this advice and guidance, we’d have unknowingly made Pearl’s behaviour worse through our actions. For example, we now know that Pearl was growling when people came to the house because she was trying to protect the property and us. This was causing her distress and we had to take this responsibility away from her by letting her know that we were the bosses of the household and that if we let people in then that was OK! Sonia gave us the knowledge and the instruction for us to deal with this problem in a kind and non threatening way to Pearl.

The dog training continues but we now have a much more settled and happy dog, something we’d never have achieved without the help of Sonia and Best Buddies.

We now realise that, whether a dog is a ‘problem dog’ or not, then dog training is a necessary part of caring for that dog, so as to understand the breed, nature, personality and hence have a very happy loving pet.

We have many animals, mostly rescue, and they are all part of our family. We care greatly about them and would not hesitate to recommend Best Buddies to anyone as we believe that the rewards will be long lasting for both owner and pet!

Louise and Justin, 2010









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