Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems
Best Buddies Home Dog Training - Obedience and Behaviour Problems

Best Buddies Home Dog Training treat all dog behaviour problems including, jumping, nuisance barking, aggression, nervousness, phobias and fears, destruction, mouthing, chewing, separation anxiety, recall, pulling, lunging, door scratching, toilet training, car travel and sickness, food issues, hyperactivity, chasing, sibling rivalry, fighting,

begging, stealing digging and MORE! Any Age, Any Breed.                                                                                                                                        


Best Buddies are your local Dog Obedience and Behaviourist Trainers. We come to you because we find the results are more effective than dog classes or residential dog training. Dog training in these regions: East Midlands, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, East England, Central England. North England, Bolton, Cheshire, Lancashire

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During the training session, we discuss the dog problems you are experiencing, explain the reasons for the behaviour and work with you on practical exercises to assist you in modifying your pet’s behaviour.

The training and advice often produces results very quickly, but it will take time, consistency and a commitment by all the family to maintain and build on the improved behaviour.


Children should be encouraged to follow the advice but, as there is a hierarchy of authority within the family unit, your dog will need to learn through that.  


You take an active part in the training session with your dog.


Other adult members of the family are welcome to participate.





Best Buddies provide affordable, flexible dog training packages.


Best Buddies can help you build or restore the relationship between you and what should be your ‘best friend’


We find, training at home is less stressful and more effective than dog classes or residential dog training.


Best Buddies teach training techniques and exercises based on how dogs think, communicate and learn.


You will quickly understand and learn Canine pack psychology and basic obedience training.


Best Buddies are:


An  insured team of friendly dog trainers who each have a minimum of 10 years dog handling skills and ownership.



Best Buddies Dog Trainers Adhere to a strict code of professional conduct


We condone only positive dog training working practices.


We Do NOT use traditional harsh, physical methods NO choke, spiked, electric or citronella collars.


We ONLY use natural, safe, kind, recognised methods of training.


We CAN recommend dog training equipment that will specifically suit you and your pet to progress your training. Please see our on-line shop for details